Times Gone By Studio 




Brent McGillivray and Maureen Bennett combine their unique styles to form the Times Gone By Studio.

They offer beautiful, original art works, and high quality prints.

The art gallery/studio at 48 Craig Street in Perth presents viewers with two distinct experiences – an evocative trip down memory lane, and a fresh take on our beloved Canadian landscapes. 


About Brent McGillivray 

Brent creates photo-realistic style paintings with watercolour, gouache and acrylic of vanishing landmarks; roadside restaurants; motels; abandoned buildings and disappearing urban and rural artifacts. Armed with his camera and his keen photographer’s eye he captures these striking images. Brent works back and forth between photography and canvas.  In the process he capitalizes on his training as an architectural draftsman to create meticulously rendered images noticing details such as the way light filters through a window or the play of shadows on a wall. Brent’s canvasses are often large and spellbinding in their finely honed precision; they invite contemplation.

Brent is greatly influenced by the bold and innovative architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright  and Luis Barragan as they blend art and architecture.

Brent is a graduate of:

Architectural Technology at Algonquin College, Ottawa 

Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto

Printmaking at the Alberta College of Art, Calgary


Brent brings a new collection of acrylic "Neon Art."  


About Maureen Bennett  

MAUREEN envisioned expanding the concepts of design in stained glass and fabric design into her own through a new medium…painting landscapes with acrylic on canvas.

Maureen creates striking paintings with her signature “bold lines” of different colours and brilliant hues that create depth and vibrancy and offset with solid shapes. 

Maureen has lived in Ontario and Nova Scotia and traveled extensively in both Canada and the US. She paints from memory and the emotional experience rather than photographs. Her landscape paintings have a feeling of peace, solitude and quiet. Even those landscapes inspired by The Group of Seven take on a new life through exuberant use of colour laid down in parallel strips. Paintings express in colour what cannot be spoken with words. “It’s all about not being afraid of colour,” and her paintings are proof.

Maureen is a self taught artist and her expertise and love for painting continues to grow on a daily basis. 


Maureen brings a new series titled “The Red Canoe.” 

Varied sized acrylic paintings depict a red canoe which is placed in varied distinctive landscapes.