Good Cookin'
Original Acrylic
12" x 12"
Vintage neon-Winnemucca, Nevada
Original Acrylic
48' x 36"
A small town bar neon sign in Valley City, ND (1975)
Flying Yankee
Original Acrylic
48" x 36"
A 1953 roadside diner neon sign -Rte 20-Rte 12 Auburn, MA USA
Fish Market
Original Acrylic
48' x 36"
Brent's creative version of a "Jumping Fish" vintage neon sign Pike Place Seattle USA
Karl's Las Vegas
Original Acrylic
4' X 3'
A "retired boneyard" vintage neon sign originally Huntingridge Plaza-aLas Vegas
South Beach
Original Acrylic
Size: 4 ft. x 2 ft.
Leslie Hotel Ocean Drive Art Deco hotel in South Beach, Miami FL
Blue Motel
Original Acrylic
Size: 4' x 3'
Closed Blue Angel Motel, Las Vegas
West 3rd Street Garage
Original Acrylic
60" X 30"
Vintage garage neon sign-greenwich NY-now converted to apartments
Flying High
Original Watercolour
12" x 8"
Port Hueneme, California
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 The landscape of a city's vanishing expressive medium of consumer culture "NEON ART" dominates this year''s collection in a photo-realistic style. Neon has a role and function as art in society.               

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